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ABOUT ashley

I’m State Representative Ashley Hudson. While I am a Democrat, I am proud to be in my second term representing all of my West Little Rock constituents - regardless of their party affiliation (or lack thereof!).


I was born in Little Rock. Back when I was in law school, my husband Cliff was an infantry squad leader in the United States Marine Corps, and he promised me that we could live anywhere in the world when he got home from Iraq. Literally, anywhere. I chose to come home to Little Rock. In 2009, Cliff and I moved to West Little Rock. We have four brilliant children, and one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family was to raise them here. Our district has changed so much in the fifteen years we’ve lived here, and in many ways for the better.


But there’s so much more work to do.


Our extraordinary Arkansas students and teachers need help. Healthcare options throughout the state are diminished, leaving fewer options for families. Large and small businesses across the country see Arkansas as an interesting place to invest, but we lack some of the crucial quality of life aspects that would bring world-class jobs and needed investments to our community.

I proudly serve West Little Rock in the Arkansas State House, and now I’m running for re-election. Because of what you've shown me:  Arkansas can be extraordinary. We can support kids and teachers. We can make sure everyone has quality healthcare. We can support our seniors, our veterans, and grow our economy. 


And we can keep doing all of it together.

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